A day out on the beer bike is hearty fun. Every year, many people enjoy a day out in various cities around our country. There is often booze involved in a day out with the beer bike. In most cases everything goes well, but there are still a number of rules that everyone has to follow:

  • Avoid dangerous situations and do not dismount while the bicycle is in motion;
  • It is not permitted to hand out drinks to third parties;
  • Show respect for the local community, then it will stay fun and enjoyable for everyone;
  • You are driving on public roads and normal rules of conduct and manners apply there;
  • Partybike is not liable for damage, destruction or theft of third party property;
  • The city is not a public restroom, so use the city's restroom facilities.

If these rules are not followed, we are forced to discontinue the activity immediately (with no refund). Please make it a fun party and observe the above rules.

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