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A day out with friends on our party- bike is very cozy and relaxing.  Most everyone enjoys a day with good company.  We should never forget, however, that such days often involve alcohol.  In the great majority of cases, everything passes off without incident.  But one must always remember to take the basic precautions:
• Avoid dangerous situations,  and do not step off the bicycle when it is in motion
• Third parties are not allowed to consume alcohol
• Please show respect for the local community
• When you drive on public roads, remember that you are subject to the law like all road users
• The party-bike company is not liable for damage either to the party-bike itself or to any private or public property.  Neither is the company responsible for the theft of any property by third parties
• The city is not a public toilet, so kindly use the toilet facilities in the city
Non-compliance with the above rules will result in our immediately retrieving the beer bike.  In such circumstances, you would not be entitled to any refund. Please follow the basic rules and make it a wonderful day.
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