PARTYBIKE, The number 1 in pleasure bikes!

PARTYBIKE has been a staple in the world of bachelor parties, carnival parades, gala parties, friends outings, company outings and family parties for years. Partybike rents out pleasure bikes: archetypal pubs on wheels. You take care of the fun yourself and the ingredients for the coziest pub on wheels are provided by Partybike!

Decide what your pleasure bike day looks like

Partybike is flexible. We deliver the bikes to any location you want. You decide where and what time you leave and return with the bike. Another pick up location is also no problem. Of course we try to keep the transport costs as low as possible. You can take a break wherever you want. Combine and plan your own unique tour and build in stops at restaurants and/or places of interest. So feel free to build in a sports activity, create your own route that consists of 'bites' and 'kicks' and finish in the pub or with a barbecue. It's all possible! Larger groups are no problem either, in which case we simply supply more bikes.

The beer bike as a mobile bar

The beer bike is a moving bar, equipped with 10 pedal points. So you drive the bike yourself. Of course, the riding party includes a good bartender or bartender and someone has to take care of the music! A total of 17 people can fit on one bike. Of course a driver is needed, who drives the partygoers around and stays sober...Safety remains priority #1.

The Partybike remains unprecedentedly popular

Partybike is a company that can provide people with a party at any location. Since 2005 we have been renting out pleasure bikes. Especially in the summer these pleasure bikes are frequently rented to groups who want to organize a fun day out. The Partybike remains incredibly popular among groups and guarantees a fun afternoon or evening.

Book directly, or if you have special Party wishes, comments or suggestions: email us....

Partybike: your party on location!

Partybike is flexible, fun and complete! 

So are you in the mood for a party?

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