Introductory Weeks

Introductory Weeks

Off to a new city. There, of course, you need to get your bearings. The best way to achieve this is to participate in the introduction week organized in your (new) college town. Every college town has an introduction week, although it is called differently everywhere. During the introduction week, you become familiar with all aspects of student life.

Student City

Of course, there are many student cities such as Tilburg, Eindhoven, Breda, a lot is organized for all newcomers to HBO or University. Usually there are introduction parties Basically, the content comes down to the same thing: sociability, meetings, and drinking


We also regularly use our Partybike(s) to make a great event. Discover the city with your new fellow students while enjoying a drink.

Guided by senior years, you will go through the introduction program together where you will visit sports and student clubs, go on a pub crawl, learn all about student houses etc etc.

Because a party it is guaranteed to be.

This is how you usher in the beginning of your college days together!

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