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Frequently asked questions

Can we remain dry when it’s raining?
Yes, if the wind doesn’t blow too hard you will remain dry under the roof
Is it allowed to take food or drinks with you?
Yes, no Problem.
The exception is strong liquids.
It is forbidden to take glasses with you.
Do you provide glasses?
Yes, we will provide ‘plastic’ glasses.
When do we have to pay?
When you make a reservation, you can pay cash only with approval from us.
We will send an invoice to companies
Do the prices include tax?
Yes, you pay 6% for non-alcohol and 21% for alcohol
If there is bad weather what then?
We always try to make a start. Sometimes it’s possible to start sooner/later. In the event of bad weather, always contact us.
How do I make a reservation?
Please fill in the order on the website. This will be followed by a confirmation from us.
You can also make contact with us to check availability.
What if someone doesn’t drink beer?
It is possible to bring your own drinks or food.
We can also arrange prosecco: € 10,00 for a 0.75L bottle
Is there any music on the Party-bike?
Yes, we have a standard music player.   We also provide  an AUX Cable
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