Breda, an active and lively city

Breda is the place to be in all seasons. Breda has not been named Best Inner City of the Netherlands for nothing! 

Burgundy enjoyment is something we know how to do in Breda. Our city is almost bursting at the seams with cafés, restaurants and terraces. From starred restaurants, to affordable dining and wine and beer tastings. Something for everyone!

Are you looking for an organized group outing for a bachelor party or your colleagues? Breda has a wide choice of tours, pub crawls but also the Partybike.

Now from your beer bike! Experience the coziest and most beautiful hotspots of Breda from your beer bike.

Experience the always cozy and beautiful Breda in all those diverse places the city has to offer.
In short; enjoy the many locations in a the bustling Breda together with your nicest company!

You will notice by everything that you are in hospitable Burgundian Brabant Breda; Ben Breda!

Experience Breda...

The city of group outings!!!

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