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Group enjoyment on a party-bike (popularly called a ‘beer-bike’) is a well-established concept.  And this is where we can help you:

For that special occasion, whether it is a bachelor party, a friends’ day-out, the company outing, or a family get-together, we have the expertise and experience to make it happen for you – whatever your requirements are.

Each of our bikes seats 17 adults: Ten to do the pedalling, one to take charge of the driving, while the others can simply relax or serve the drinks.  Safety is our priority.  Therefore, the group member selected to do the driving is not allowed to drink any alcohol.

We will draw up a timetable to suit your preferences.  You decide whether it is a weekday or weekend; a morning, afternoon or evening.  We then take care of everything else, and your party-bike will arrive on your doorstep at the agreed time.

Should you wish to include other activities to complement your party-bike day, then we are able to utilize one of our specialist partners in order to provide the exact package that you want.

Our principal objective is to ensure that you experience a wonderful and enjoyable party-bike experience, while we take care of all the planning.

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